Appraisal & Mediation

Morrison & Morrison has extensive experience in the appraisal process.  From serving as appraiser to acting as an appointed umpire, our experience this field is rarely rivaled.  The appraisal process was meant to be a simple and non-formal resolution process for claims, however in today’s world the appraisal process can be convoluted and complicated.  When appraisal is considered, only an experience and skilled appraiser should be interviewed for the job.  The same holds true for selecting an umpire for the appraisal process. Policies generally state that the appraisers are to be independent and competent and umpires are to be free from bias or conflict.  Umpires can either be agreed to by the appraisers or can generally be appointed by a court of jurisdiction.  In any case, only a skilled and true professional should embark upon this interesting process called appraisal in today’s world.

Mediation is a process whereby two parties with a dispute attempt to meet with a third party known as a mediator to resolve differences within the legal process.  Morrison & Morrison has been a working part of numerous mediations throughout the years where the parties are seeking an expert to provide guidance as to the value and extent of damages within a property and casualty insurance claim.