Denied, dispute & delay claims help

The insurance industry is a business like any other.  Their profits are based on collecting, holding and investing money.  It is bad for any business when money is outgoing instead of inflowing, and insurers are no different.  However, the difference between the insurance industry and other industries is the fact that when a premium is collected, only a promise of potential performance is given by the insurer in return.  As a result, insurers are theoretically held to a higher standard regarding the fiduciary relationship they maintain with their client, the insured.  In theory, the insurers are required to maintain the interests of the insured at an equal level with their own interests.  In days gone by, this seemed to be the case in most situations; however in the current economy where making money is everything, it seems that many insurers have lost touch with this concept.  As a result, claims payments are more often delayed, denied and disputed by insurers in current times.