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Coronavirus Insurance Law Update March 26—Ohio and Massachusetts File Proposed Legislation Requiring Retroactive Removal of Virus Exclusion To Coronavirus Business Income and Civil Authority Claims

By Chip Merlin on March 26, 2020POSTED IN COMMERCIAL INSURANCE CLAIMS, STATE LEGISLATION New Jersey started the coronavirus business insurance legislation, but just like a virus, it is spreading to other jurisdictions. Ohio and Massachusetts filed very similar bills to what was filed in the New Jersey Assembly. I blogged [...]

Corona Virus and Physical Damage—The Louisiana Case Law That Will Be Relied Upon in the First Coronavirus Case Filed

By Chip Merlin on March 22, 2020POSTED IN INSURANCE The first coronavirus lawsuit filed was in Louisiana. The subject policy has no ISO virus exclusion which was discussed in, Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Update—The ISO Circular Regarding the Virus Exclusion. Louisiana attorney John Houghtaling filed the lawsuit, and he will [...]

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