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Morrison & Morrison, Inc. has extensive experience resolving even the most complicated business and commercial losses. Whether it be an office building or a factory, our professionals have the experience and abilities to accurately assess your damages and negotiate a satisfactory claim for your business or property.

Commercial Business Interruption Claims:
When your business suffers a loss it may involve a situation where your normal operations no longer function. This translates to loss of profits and often times continued expenses to pay employees and overhead while your business is non-operational. This type of coverage is called business interruption and often involves complicated circumstances that affect how your claim is treated. We have extensive experience dealing with property damage that affects a business’s ability to function following a loss. Part of our process is to evaluate whether you have coverage for this, whether your loss meets the conditions precedent to collect under the loss and what are the parameters regarding the limits available to you.


A Public Adjuster or a Public Insurance Adjuster is an expert on loss adjustment and the recovery process, who is employed by the policyholder. The Public Adjuster assists you, the insured, in preparing, filing and managing the payment of insurance claims regarding property loss. He works on your behalf.

You can contact our firm via telephone (866.723.5787) or email (cm@publicinsuranceadjuster.net) and request a review of your loss. You will need a copy of your insurance policy. If you do not have it available, you can usually obtain a copy from your insurance agent with a request in writing.

A Public Adjuster’s compensation is a small percent of your insurer’s claims payments that are made to you. The Public Adjuster’s fees are usually more than covered by a successful claim payment that is obtained for you.

Public Adjusters are licensed in some states. Both Texas and Florida require Public Adjusters to be licensed. Clay Morrison is licensed in many states.

No, no and no. The Public Adjuster is employed exclusively by the public you, the policyholder. Selling insurance or acting as an insurance agent would be a conflict of interest.

Absolutely not. The Public Adjusting Profession is licensed and regulated by the Department of Insurance in any given state. As a policyholder you have the right to hire an expert who will manage your claim on your behalf. Canceling your policy because you hired a Public Adjuster is a violation of State Law in some states.

Most likely, no. The insurer’s adjuster represents the insurer’s interests, not yours. Neither the insurance carrier nor the assigned adjuster is responsible for writing a detailed estimate of your loss. Frequently, these estimates are missing items and do not accurately reflect the market costs in your area.

No. Most policies include your right to have an appraisal, and if necessary the right to litigation. In any case DO NOT SIGN ANY WAIVER from the insurance company without having an attorney review it first.

The Public Adjuster is employed by you, and works on your behalf. The insurance company’s adjusters are employed by the insurance company, and their responsibility and accountability rests with the insurer.

““I am grateful to you for your help in getting more funds for the damage. No doubt, your clout as a public adjuster was the turning point in the attitude of (the insurance company) Case closed.
K.S., Pace, Florida…”

Pace, FL

“Your efforts and success in obtaining additional money means that I can actually repair my home to the condition it was before the hurricane……”

Pensacola, FL

“Availing myself of your services was the best thing I could have done. First you removed the heavy burden of having to deal with insurance adjusters and then to detail the proof of loss in a manner that I would never have been able to do.”

Port Neches, TX

“Thank you for all your help in dealing with the insurance people
– I don’t think we could have accomplished this on our own.”

Orange, TX

“Morrison & Morrison was involved in our claim from the beginning and while our insurer initially tried to avoid and minimize the claim payment for our loss, Morrison & Morrison was persistent and  doggedly pursued what we were rightfully owed.”

JR White
Settlement, TX

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**Licensing changes from time to time so call the office to determine if we are licensed in your state currently.