Claim Types

Storm & Flood

Natural Disasters &
Named Storms

The aftermath of a natural disaster, storm or flood can be a confusing and stressful time for homeowners and business owners. Morrison & Morrison, Inc. has years of experience and training to help you navigate through the often complex process of filing a claim. Because we work independently for you, not the insurance agency, our team can get the largest storm or flood damage settlement amount possible due to you.

Our Public Insurance Adjusters can get you on the path to recovery after disaster strikes.




Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

By their nature, hurricanes cause damage that is sometimes hard to dissect. Often times hurricanes will not only cause flooding, but also cause catastrophic wind damage. Most hurricane claims evolve into a shouting match between the flood insurer and the wind insurer as to who owes for what damage. Morrison & Morrison, Inc. are professionals at sorting out wind versus flood damage and will artfully document your claim so that it is presented in a reasonable fashion to each insurer.

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Tornado Damage Insurance Claims

When tornadoes occur, the structure is often damaged or torn apart to the point where it is very difficult to discern what actually existed prior to the storm. Forensic reconstruction is an art form and at Morrison & Morrison, Inc., we have forensically reconstructed more homes than we can count. A correct reconstructive assessment is the key to obtaining a fair tornado claim settlement.

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

When your property floods as the result of rising water, it can be challenging to determine the proper channels to file a claim. Is it hurricane, flood or water damage? As an experienced, trusted Public Insurance Adjuster, Morrison & Morrison, Inc. can help you determine the scope of damage, the type of claim to file and understand your coverage.

“I would highly recommend your company to anyone. The professionalism, knowledge of navigating thru all the red tape and really knowing more about the policies than the insurance companies is a real advantage for anyone who has gone thru this very difficult experience…”

Pensacola, FL

“Morrison & Morrison was involved in our claim from the beginning and while our insurer initially tried to avoid and minimize the claim payment for our loss, Morrison & Morrison was persistent and  doggedly pursued what we were rightfully owed.”

JR White
Settlement, TX

“Thank you for all your help in dealing with the insurance people
– I don’t think we could have accomplished this on our own.”

Orange, TX