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Wind & Hail

Hail Storms, Wind Damage
and Tornados

Knowing what your policy covers and even what specific policy covers it can be confusing, especially when it comes to wind and hail damage. Depending on where you live and the insurance company’s underwriting guidelines, windstorm and hail coverage may be excluded from the primary property insurance policy. Morrison & Morrison, Inc. has years of experience and training to help you navigate through the often complex process of understanding coverage and filing claims. Because we work independently for you, not the insurance agency, our team can get the largest wind and hail damage settlement amount for you.

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Hail Damage
Insurance Claims

Hail damage is one of the toughest types of losses to evaluate. This is because hail may cause damage beneath the surface that is not obviously visible during an inspection. Following a hail storm, flat roofs that may look fairly normal to the eye may have extensive damage to the substrate below. At times, the only way to determine the true damages from hail is with a skilled investigation process that involves scientific testing. We have years of experience in recognizing and evaluating these types of situations.

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Tornado Damage
Insurance Claims

When tornadoes occur, the structure is often damaged or torn apart to the point where it is very difficult to discern what actually existed prior to the storm. Forensic reconstruction is an art form and at Morrison & Morrison, Inc. we have forensically reconstructed more homes than we can count. A correct reconstructive assessment is the key to obtaining a fair tornado claim settlement.

Wind Damage
Insurance Claims

1 in 20 homes will file a weather-related claim every year according to recent insurance data. 1 in 50 homes will specifically report wind damage. When your property is damaged due to high winds or wind driven weather events, wind damage to roofs, shingles, windows, or siding, Morrison and Morrison, Inc. can assist in getting your claim settled for the full compensation you are owed.

“I would highly recommend your company to anyone. The professionalism, knowledge of navigating thru all the red tape and really knowing more about the policies than the insurance companies is a real advantage for anyone who has gone thru this very difficult experience…”

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“Morrison & Morrison was involved in our claim from the beginning and while our insurer initially tried to avoid and minimize the claim payment for our loss, Morrison & Morrison was persistent and  doggedly pursued what we were rightfully owed.”

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