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Water & Mold

Water, Floods &
Mold Insurance Claims

Whether your insurance coverage is for named storm induced flood waters or rising water we have years of experience in evaluating and valuing this type of damage. Morrison & Morrison, Inc. handles an immense number of flood related water losses. There is a fine line between coverage for these types of losses and it is highly recommended that a professional be hired to correctly evaluate what type of damage you may have.

When your property floods as the result of rising water, it can be challenging to determine the proper channels to file a claim. Is it hurricane, flood or water damage? As an experienced, trusted Public Insurance Adjuster, our office can help you determine the scope of damage, the type of claim to file and understand your coverage.

In many cases, insurance companies cover mold removal. Generally, mold removal is covered when the source of the mold is a hazard already covered in your homeowners insurance policy, such as water damage. Standard homeowner policies protect you from water damage caused by accidental incidents, such as burst pipes or water heater ruptures.

Our Public Insurance Adjusters can get you on the path to recovery after the unexpected happens.

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“I would highly recommend your company to anyone. The professionalism, knowledge of navigating thru all the red tape and really knowing more about the policies than the insurance companies is a real advantage for anyone who has gone thru this very difficult experience…”

Pensacola, FL

“Morrison & Morrison was involved in our claim from the beginning and while our insurer initially tried to avoid and minimize the claim payment for our loss, Morrison & Morrison was persistent and  doggedly pursued what we were rightfully owed.”

JR White
Settlement, TX

“Thank you for all your help in dealing with the insurance people
– I don’t think we could have accomplished this on our own.”

Orange, TX