If you are a TWIA policy holder, you need to understand the new process that you will be facing when you make a claim.   This new process brings back bad memories for me of a flow chart project back in college with a lot of “if then” statements included.  In this flowchart I see numerous issues that the policyholder needs to pay close attention to.  First, buyer beware if you should end up in front of an “expert panel” who will make a determination of whether your damage was from wind or flooding.  Next, it appears that appraisals will become much more frequent. While I am a proponent of appraisals, it should not be used as a tool for parties to attempt to avoid legal liability.   Third, I would never recommend that a policyholder take a premium discount of 10% in exchange for agreeing up front to be bound by binding arbitration.  Circumstances vary in every claim, and limiting your remedies up front is not prudent.  Lastly, the consumer now has only 60 days to dispute the amount of loss paid by TWIA if TWIA accept’s responsibility.  In the midst of a catastrophe this is simply not enough time for an insured to truly assess the costs of damage.   The link to the flowchart is below—let me know if it brings back bad college memories for you as well. #TWIA