Amoroso Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Morrison and Morrison, Inc.

After my house was severely damaged by hurricane Ike, I quickly realized I would need help from someone that had experience negotiating with insurance carriers. I was very fortunate to have found Morrison and Morrison.

Although my house was damaged beyond repair and required demolition, the flood insurance offered me only 9% of my house value. To get beyond their initial settlement offer required a long and taxing fight with the flood insurance. I contracted with Morrison and Morrison because I needed help. Clay and Ruth Morrison have the experience, knowledge and personal contacts to escalate my case through the bureaucracy of the flood insurance to reach an acceptable settlement.

I’m convinced that without their help, I would have been forced to settle for a small fraction of the final settlement amount, and in effect lost my life savings. Contracting Morrison and Morrison was certainly one of the best decisions that I made.

Michael T. Amoroso