IN AN ONGOING SERIES OF HARVEY INFORMATION YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS: I need to share what is happening with windstorm claims along the coast. While I was in Port A, an older gentleman showed up at our neighbors house wearing a lanyard and ID badge that said Crawford Adjusting and Farmers Insurance on the label on the ID card. He approached me because he was confused as to the correct address he needed and I assisted in informing him that he was looking for our next door neighbors home. A conversation ensued, he told me he was an insurance adjuster and after a few minutes he figured out that I knew way too many terms so he asked what I did for a living. When I told him I was a public adjuster he did the usual slight recoil in posture, but then proceeded to tell me that he was interested in becoming a public adjuster and switching sides because he was tired of the dishonesty within the insurance companies. He continued and told me that he was not there to adjust the claim and provide a check for the insured to start repairs, but only there to document the damage to report to the insurer and that another adjuster was coming later. Unsolicited, he continued telling me that his information was being gathered to be used to “screw the insured down the road” as the claim ages and further that while he did not like his job but that was what he was assigned to do and it was common knowledge among his adjusting group. I am quoting him and not paraphrasing so forgive my language. Just so it’s clear, this first claims adjuster was not sent out to adjust and pay the insured, but to document damage to be used against the insured down the road. I don’t know if this is criminal, but it’s certainly egregious and disgusting. While people are living in shelters, at least one insurer is putting the gathering of data ahead of adjusting claims. As a public adjuster the insurance industry often labels me as the dishonest guy who is responsible for taking advantage of people and driving up rates. If the discussion of taking advantage of people is in play, some insurance companies might need to take a look in the mirror. If you are a policy holder you need to be alert.