This is a re-print of the article form The Port Aransas Jetty, Scott Burroughs, Jan 31, 2018


We just received a bill for our 2018-2019 Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) premiums. Attached is the first draft of a letter to accompany our payment.

Dear TWIA:

We are in receipt of your invoice for our 2018 Windstorm Insurance policy. We are so impressed by the way you are still handling our Harvey claim (five months after we filed it) that we have decided to employ your same protocols in paying this bill.

Although we would like to fulfill our obligation to pay you immediately, we have a few internal policies that we had not previously disclosed to you, that may cause some delays. We have no legal, moral or business reason to follow these policies, but we will follow them anyway because, after all, they are our policies.

Prior to issuing you a check our adjuster (me) must review your invoice. Once the initial review has been completed, our adjuster will forward the bill to his supervisor (my trophy wife) for final approval. This process generally takes seven to 10 business days, but may need to be extended with or without cause.

If your bill is approved by the supervisor, it will be returned to the adjuster for processing. This may take an additional week to 10 days. Even though his supervisor has already approved your invoice, the adjuster may insist that you provide further documentation to justify your costs. The requirements will likely be arbitrary, but you will still have to provide the documentation for the adjuster to proceed with your claim. Once the supporting documents are received from you they may sit on the adjuster’s desk for a week or two. After the adjuster gets around to reviewing them (assuming they are not lost in the interim), the 10-day processing period will begin again.

At some undisclosed time after the adjuster is satisfied that you have met all of the requirements to justify paying the bill in full, and there is no reason for any further delay, the supervisor will authorize payment of about 10 percent of the amount that you are entitled. If you would like additional disbursements, you will have to file supplements. If you have any questions on how to file a supplement you may send us an email and or call us directly. If you send us an email we will not acknowledge receipt, nor will we respond to your correspondence. If you choose to call us, you will have to wait in an automated phone queue for at least seven minutes. (You will be required to wait in this queue every time you call. Under no circumstance will you be provided a number to contact your adjuster without first waiting in the queue.) While on hold, you will be repeatedly instructed to email us. If you make it out of the automated queue without being disconnected, you will be transferred to voicemail, and we may or not respond to your message. If we don’t respond you will be required to start the process over. Despite your best efforts, we are still not sure if you will ever receive full payment.

At first glance these protocols may seem a little asinine, but after five months of dealing with TWIA we have learned that this is your preferred method of conducting business.


The Burroughs Family.